Shopping basket elevator

Solution to unload easily a shopping basket

The shopping basket elevator helps customers to empty their shopping baskets easily. Specially thought for people with reduced mobility, old people and pregnant women. With this system, customers don’t have to bend down any more in order to empty their baskets for the payment process. Customers will really apreciate it and their shopping experience will be really improved.

This system is faster than a person and takes less time for emptying the basket, so it will reduce the waiting times at the check-outs.


Security Systems

Equipped with all necessary security systems in accordance with EN 60204-1:2006 // EN 60947-5-1
(IEC60947-5-1:2003) // EN 61310-1 // EN 61310-2 // EN ISO 12100:2010 // EN ISO 13850:2008
- Emergency stop manual system