Products portfolio



Our flagship product: Metal and polysteel (hybrid) shopping trolleys with different basket volumes, for all kind of sales surfaces.


Supermarket trolley

Our classic metal supermarket trolley for all kind of commercial surfaces. Choose the most appropriate trolley for your business among more than 50 references of supermarket carts. Manufactured with a wire basket and platform. Made of a wire basket and platform. Available from 25L to 240L.

Polysteel shopping trolleys

Plastic supermarket shopping trolleys for all kind of commercial surfaces. Basket made of plastic, and chassis made of flat oval tubing. Available from 90L to 242L.

Multigrip Shopping Trolleys

A new-born Marsanz trolley for a daily shopping; perfect for all kinds of supermarkets. Thanks to an ergonomic shape and perimetric handle, Multigrip trolley maximizes maneuverability and handling performance.

Transport Trolleys

Choose the transport trolleys most adapted to your company. From specialized by sectors trolleys to big loads and maintenance. These trolleys are the perfect solution for multiple sectors. Characterized for its excellent load capacity, its versatility and adaptability.



Ergonomic check-out systems and entry-exit devices adapted to all kind of sales surfaces, enabling customers to finish their purchases efficiently, effectively and in an organized way.


Supermarket Checkout

Ergonomic supermarket checkout with or without conveyor systems. Cash desk adapted to all kind of shop sizes. They enable customers to finish their purchases efficiently and effectively.

Entry- Exit devices

Entry-exit devices such as electronic & mechanical access gates, turnstiles and guiding posts, that make easier the entry / exit of people in an organized and controlled way in any commercial surface.



Transport trolleys, containers and roll-tainers designed to provide solution to multiple sectors, thanks to their high loading capacity, versatility and adaptability.



Stackable products suitable for the storage of all kind of goods. They can be moved or raised by all kind of forklifts.


Transport trolleys specially designed to ease the distribution of the goods from your warehouse to the point of sales.



Modular shelving systems adapted to all kind of sales surfaces. Constantly evolving depending on the new market trends and needs.


Shelves for shops

Shelves for shops and supermarkets. The best supermarket shelf. Modular shelves adapted to all kind of sales surfaces. Choose your commercial shelves. Constantly evolving depending of the new market trends and needs.

Displays for shops

Displays for shops and supermarkets. Commercial equipment used to show and promote products in the points of sale.