CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. .Data Protection Policy

1. Who is the data controller?


The data controller of data referring to the different acts of processing with regard to personnel management [sic] shall be CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A., with registered office at c/ Hierro 27   28850 Torrejón de Ardoz Madrid and CIF [Tax ID] A28374148 .

For the purposes of our personal data privacy policy, the contact number shall be 916 751 434  and the email address shall be

2. What kind of data do we hold about you and how have we obtained them?

The personal data categories that CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. processes about its clients and suppliers are:

  • Identification data
  • Mail addresses or email addresses
  • Commercial information
  • Economic data and transactions data
  • Contact data

Special categories of personal data shall never be processed.

All the data referred to above have been obtained either directly from you or through the submittal of a commercial offer, a contract proposal, etc. or through your company by conveying to us the identification data and other information needed to fulfil the purpose of the contract relation between the parties. You or your company shall be responsible for conveying to us any update or modification of your data.

3. What is the purpose of the processing?

CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. processes data submitted by data subjects for the purposes of managing the several activities arising out of specific procedures within the context of sales, post-sale service, supplier management, service quality, etc. Therefore, we shall use your data to undertake any of the actions hereunder:

  1. To submit the information requested from us through a contact form on our website or through any other means used to contact our company.
  2. To offer products and services to our prospect and actual clients that may be of their interest.
  3. For administrative, tax and accounting management purposes with regard to our clients and/or suppliers.
  4. To perform satisfaction surveys, market surveys, etc. for the purposes of offering the most suitable offers and an improved service quality, etc.
  5. To manage client procurement both as legal and natural persons.
  6. To manage legal relations with suppliers.
  7. To manage personnel selection
  8. To manage co-operators
  9. To manage product return by clients
  10. To manage the exercise of rights by data subjects
  11. To manage operations with contacts- web users
  12. To manage debt-payment orders by third parties against suppliers/co-operators-prescribers

We shall not draft commercial profiles based on the information submitted by you and therefore shall not take automatised decisions about you based on a commercial profile.

4. How long will we retain your data?

Personal data regarding natural persons related to prospect clients, clients and suppliers that CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. may collect by means of the several contact forms and/or data gathering shall be retained to the extent that the data subject does not exert their erasure rights.  The data provided by our clients and suppliers shall be preserved for the full duration of the commercial relation between the parties taking into account the minimum preservation period provided by law for each topic.

Notwithstanding the above,  CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. shall retain your personal data for the amount of time that may be deemed reasonably necessary considering our needs to answer questions or to solve problems, make improvements, activate new services, and comply with the relevant legal requirements. This shall mean that we may retain your personal data for a reasonable period of time even after you have ceased to use our products or our website. After that period, your personal data shall be deleted from all CREACIONES MARSANZ,

5. What is our lawful basis in order to process your data?

Subject to the type of data processing you will find below the lawful basis for each processing:

Accounting management: Invoice management with regard to clients and/or suppliers Preservation, development and monitoring of the contract relationship between the parties
Tax management: Application of tax withholdings, rebates, etc. Preservation, development and monitoring of the contract relationship between the parties, Compliance with legal obligations
Administration management:  Logistics management, warehouse, client-delivery, goods reception management, etc. Preservation, development and monitoring of the contract relationship between the parties
Marketing: Commercial actions about our products or services addressed to our clients and to anyone who has requested information in the past including performing client satisfaction surveys. Unequivocal and freely-given consent by the data subject (prospect clients). Please notice that withdrawal of this consent shall under no circumstances restrain the performance of the contract that may have existed between the parties; lawful interest of the company on the promotion and commercialisation of products or services similar to those acquired or requested by the data subjects in the past.
To manage client procurement both as legal and natural persons. Preservation, development and monitoring of the contract relationship between the parties, Compliance with legal obligations
To manage legal relations with suppliers.



The business owner’s lawful interest
To manage personnel selection Data subject’s unequivocal and freely given consent
To manage co-operators



Preservation, development and monitoring of the contract relationship between the parties, Compliance with legal obligations
To manage product return by clients Data subject’s unequivocal and freely given consent
To manage the exercise of rights by data subjects Data subject’s unequivocal and freely given consent
To manage operations with contacts- web users Data subject’s unequivocal and freely given consent
To manage debt-payment orders by third parties against suppliers/co-operators-prescribers Legal obligation

With regard to the lawful basis referred to above, you shall be obliged to submit your personal data. In the event that you refuse to submit your personal data the contract may not be executed, and neither will the legal obligations or obligations arising from the public authorities be fulfilled.

6. Who shall be the recipients of your data?

CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. shall never share your personal data with third companies seeking to use them in their direct marketing actions unless expressly authorised by yourself.

Please be informed that we may share your personal data with the public administration and the relevant authorities upon reception by CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. of a legal request by any of such authorities or, for such cases when the Company, acting in good faith, deems it reasonably necessary to undertake said action in order to comply with their obligations within the context of a legal procedure; to defend any claim or lawsuit; or to protect the rights of CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. or his clients or the general public.

Please be informed that your data shall not be transferred or shared with third parties, CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. having exclusive responsibility over the processing and custody thereof.

CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. may share your personal information with third parties (e.g. Internet service suppliers that help us manage our webpage or perform the services that have been hired, IT support and maintenance companies, logistics companies, administration agencies, tax and accounting advisers, etc.)  In any event, said third parties shall keep the same security levels at all times as CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. with regard to your personal data and, whenever necessary, they shall be bound by legal commitment in order to keep your personal data private and secure and for the purposes of solely using your information subject to CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.’s specific directions.

7. What are your rights as a data subject?

Any person shall be entitled to obtain confirmation on whether or not CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. is processing personal data related to them.

More precisely, data subjects may exert their right of access to their personal data, as well as receive them in a common and machine readable format if the processing is performed through electronic means (right to data portability).

Likewise, data subjects may exert their right to rectification of inaccurate data or, as the case may be, request erasure thereof, inter alia, when the data are no longer needed for the purposes they were collected.

Additionally, under certain circumstances, data subjects may request a limitation to the processing of their data or, for certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, data subjects may exert their right to object to the processing of their data. CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. shall cease to process the data, except for compelling lawful reasons, or to defend any claims or for the exceptions envisaged in the applicable legislation.

Likewise, please be informed that you are entitled to withdraw your consents at all times provided that this shall not affect the legitimacy of the processing based on the consent prior to withdrawal thereof.

Please be further informed that you may exert the aforementioned rights at all times through a request in written using the contact details in Paragraph 1, “Data Controller” of CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy attaching a copy of your ID thereto.

You shall be entitled to submit a claim before the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos [Spanish Data Protection Agency],.especially if you do not feel you have been able to exert your rights in full.

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos.

C/ Jorge Juan, 6

28001 – Madrid

Phone. 901100099 / 912663517

8. Webpage users data protection

Subject to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 in force, CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. informs you that personal data of webpage users shall be subject to processing by CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. for the processing activity indicated on each data collection form on our webpage. The lawful basis for said processing is their own consent.  By clicking on “SEND” the User allows for their data to be processed by CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A..

Likewise, please be informed that, unless requested to do so by law or by your express consent CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.shall not transfer your data to third parties.

We further inform the User that they may exert their rights of access, rectification, or erasure at all times as well as to exert any other rights granted hereby and provided for in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 through notification to CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A., c/ Hierro 27   28850 Torrejón de Ardoz Madrid, Phone: 916 751 434 , Mail:

On another note, subject to the provisions in Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Servicios de la Sociedad de Información y de Comercio Electrónico [Information Society and E-Commerce], CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.undertakes to refrain from sending any advertising by email without the recipient’s prior express consent. The User may object to this advertising submittal by crossing out the relevant box.

9. Other relevant information on our privacy policy

9.1       Security measures

CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.    adopts the security levels requested by current European and Spanish regulations on data protection taking into account the situation of the technique, the implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing, together with the risks whose probability and severity is variable for their rights and freedoms as a person.

9.2       Data processing with regard to minors

For CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. protecting minors’ privacy is of the utmost importance. Thus, only data of underage children shall be shared when strictly necessary to comply with certain legal obligations (for example, for income tax purposes, etc.).

In any event, such data collection shall always be performed with the parents’ or the guardians’ express consent.

9.3       Amendments to our Data Protection and Privacy Policy

CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. may, from time to time, amend or correct this Data Protection Policy for Clients, Suppliers and Users section. We kindly request you to read this paragraph on an on-going basis to learn about any updates on the subject and how they may affect you.

9.4      Why is it necessary to accept this Data Protection and Privacy Policy?

This section of the Data Protection Policy for Clients, Suppliers and Users shall easily provide you with all the information necessary for you to learn about the type of data that CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A. holds on their prospect clients, their clients and/or suppliers, the purposes sought, the rights granted to you under the data protection regulation as a stakeholder and the way to exert said rights.  Therefore, by freely submitting your personal data through our means of contact and/or with the start of your commercial relationship with our company we deem that you acknowledge and accept the processing of your personal data under the terms envisaged herein. Such personal information shall only be used for the purposes for which it was first submitted or as permitted by national or regional legislation.

Notwithstanding the above, please notice that a refusal to submit certain data may hinder the contract relation between the parties and give rise to serious consequences at the time to provide the different services envisaged within the contract that has been entered into with the contracting party.

Should you have any query regarding this paragraph on CREACIONES MARSANZ, S.A.’s Personal Data Protection Policy for Prospect Clients, Clients, and Suppliers please contact the company using the address provided in paragraph I “Data Controller” above. We will be glad to assist you and to give an answer to any other additional questions you may wish to make.

10. Applicable Legislation

These Terms and Conditions shall be ruled at all times by Spanish and European legislation on personal data protection and protection of privacy.