Multigrip – The Evolution of the Shopping trolley!


29/09/2018 Trade Fairs and events
Multigrip – The Evolution of the Shopping trolley!

Marsanz has developed the new Multigrip family, a new line of hybrid shopping trolleys (plastic and steel) with multiple grip zones that makes it easy for customers to buy at small and large supermarkets.

Multigrip is the new family of supermarket shopping trolleys that will optimize the customers´shopping experience. That´s why we listened to the good reviews that we received from our 100 L Multigrip shopping trolley and decided to create the Multigrip family by adding larger capacity models (130 and 150 liters).

These new models of shopping trolleys can be presented with two type of platforms ( Anti-theft and Standard) and with the possibility to add accesories that will increase the load capacity of the trolley).

Just like all our Polysteel shopping trolleys, there is a wide variety of available colors for the basket, the handle, the rear grille and the wheel protectors.


Large Capacity with a New Design

  • 100 Liters: Our national and internationally widespread model. The best option for the smaller volume purchases. This shopping trolley has an anti-theft platform with a bottle rack and multiple grip zones in the basket that allows the customer to increase the comfort when it comes to steer and manuever the trolley.


The design of this model, known as “Cart-Basket”, arises from the need to overcome the limitations of plastic baskets, providing a light and stable supermarket trolley that is capable of avoiding unnecessary efforts to the customer.


  • 130 Liters and 150 Liters: Specially designed for high volume purchases in both small and large areas.

These two models have been designed keeping the multiple grip zones and adding a new lattice in the basket that gives greater resistance to the trolley.

Its ergonomic design and maneuverability are added to the many advantages that this new shopping trolley can offer the customer.




The 130 and 150 liters models are available in two different platforms:


  • Standard Platform: With the possibility to add a bottle rack in the base of the trolley and a low rack in the platform. These accesories are made to increase the load capacity of the trolley.


For high volume purchases we developed a heavy duty platform to transport big products. The bottle rack can also be added to this platform (only available for the 150 liters shopping trolley model).


2)   Anti-theft Platform: With a design that prevents the placement of products under the basket, preventing theft (bottle rack can also be added to this platform).



New Accesories

In addition to the accesories known so far in our range of shopping trolleys, Marsanz presents a new type of handle, called “handle plus”, that can be incorporated in the round handle, ergobox handle and ergogrip handle.

This handle has a vertical ergonomic grip system on its sides that significantly improves the ability to maneuver the shopping trolley with less effort required.

Handle plus is available throughout our range of Polysteel shopping trolleys and Multigrip except in the model of 100 L Multigrip.


The stability of the trolley in its movement, the strength of its plastic basket and its platform and their multiple grip zones are just a few of the reasons why the Multigrip shopping trolleys are the best option for your customers


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