A new-born Marsanz trolley for a daily shopping; perfect for all kinds of supermarkets. Thanks to an ergonomic shape and perimetric handle, Multigrip trolley maximizes maneuverability and handling performance. It’s easy to drive and tidy up and also clients have the possibility to customized handle with their own shop image and publicity.

In addition, its plastic basket has the same quality than polysteel line; very compact, it has a bigger capacity (100L basket + 32L bottle rack) and it’s more comfortable than a wheeling basket because is higher and provide clients quick movements.

Strength qualities:

  • Easy to carry (360 degrees movements allowed)
  • Bigger profitable capacity than wheeled basket: Multigrip standard trolley includes a bottle rack.
  • Coin lock is possible by request
  • Different colour possibilities
  • Customized handle

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Litres Nestability (mm) Length x 5 trolleys (mts.) Length x 10 trolleys (mts.) Length x 15 trolleys (mts.) Length x 25 trolleys (mts.)
587 576 997 100 125 1,087 1,712 2,337 3,587


- Extra loding capacity with gain of 32L/15 Kg.


- Compatible with RFID System (Radio Frequency Identification).


- Trolley without bottle rack.


- Different colours available for the basket, main handle and rear track.

- Ultramarine blue - RAL 5002
- Flame red - RAL 3000
- Mint green - RAL 6029
- Slate grey - RAL 7015
- Zinc yellow - RAL 1018