Modular Ergo L-Shape

Build your own check-out.

Modular L-SHAPE check-out, wide front and back module dimensions choice.

Conveyor belt and auxiliary desk are the most poular options for a faster and better organization.

Tandem availability, save space avoiding long waiting.


* Customized projects
* Easy check-out composition
* High Quality steel and coverings
* Ergonomy and functionality as per Standards
* Any hardware support/hoder available
* Designed to follow latest market adaptations.
* Show your images on the check-out
* Wide colours range
* 100 % build by Marsanz

Front module with belt (mm) Front module without belt (mm)
1530 / 1730 / 1930 / 2130 / 2330 / 2530 / 2730 1530 / 1730
L-Shape back module without belt (mm) L-Shape back module with belt (mm) Back module in special "L" (mm) L-Shape back module with roller band (mm) L-Shape back module, plain worktop (mm)
500 / 700 / 900 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400 1200 / 1400 1400 / 1600 1200 / 1400 500 / 700 / 900 / 1000 / 1200

Front modules with conveyor belt

Front modules WITH conveyor belt, and without auxiliary desk as an option.

Front module WITHOUT conveyor belt

Front modules without conveyor belt. Instead, it has a flat surface of stainless steel. As an option it can be made without auxiliary desk.

Working area

Modular concept in the working area. Combining the three defined areas, we can compose several options.

Rear modules

Inclined rear module with a width of 1130 mm, for an easier product fall.

Wide rear modules with conveyor belt

Inclined rear module with a width of 1130 mm, with an inclined conveyor belt. Suitable for big purchases and long check-outs , where a faster flow of customers is needed.

Wide rear modules with roller band.

Inclined rear module with a width of 1130 mm. Provided with a roller band for an easy slippage and flow of products.

Wide rear modules with “L” shape

Wide rear module with “L” shape, with a straight part that is provided with a 717mm conveyor belt. Rear module width 1130 mm with an inclination to ease the product fall. The big distance in the working area enables to have an extra space for bags or extra services.

Wide plain rear modules

1130 mm wide plain rear module, without inclination. Suitable for small ckeck-outs or for delicated products.