Techno-D.I.Y. trolley

Techno D.I.Y. trolley specially for D.I.Y. centers but also suitable for contruction stores and garden centers.

Nesting with or without folding upper basket. Available with 55 or 37 litres swiveling basket. With lateral support for plate holders.

Available with 55 liter and 37 liter basket.

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (Liters) Nestability (mm) Length x 5 trolleys (m) Length x 10 trolleys (m) Length x 15 trolleys (m) Length x 25 trolleys (m)
845 680 1047-1060 37-55 252 1,853 3,113 4,373 6,893

Outstanding features

- Swiveling wire platform for its nestability.
- Upper basket of 37L or 55L, that can be foldable to allow the placement of high products on the grill base.
- Equipped with a lateral support for plate holders.