90l techno-D.I.Y

90L hybrid Techno-D.I.Y trolley specially designed for D.I.Y and construction stores but also suitable for garden centers.

This new hybrid DIY-Garden-Storage line has been developed following the new market demands. A new trolley for D.I.Y stores with a flat oval tubing chassis, an ergonomic handle designed by Marsanz and a plastic basket with injected polypropylene with U.V. protection. The height of the basket has been specially developed so the trolley platform can carry big volume packages. This trolley is also provided with a side board panel transportation, suitable for carrying board panels and long wood or metal parts.

As a result, we have a lighter, functional, more comfortable and attractive trolley suitable for carrying board panels, that will improve the customers’ shopping experience. Something that customers, and of course retailers, will really appreciate.

Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (L) Nestability (mm) Length x 5 trolleys (m) Length x 10 trolleys (m) Length x 15 trolleys (m) Length x 25 trolleys (m)
906 694 998 90 230 1,826 2,976 4,126 6,426


- Multiple colour combinations for the handle, basket, rear tray and baby-seat.


- Compatible with RFID System (Radio-frequency identification).